German Sustainability Award for Cozero

German Sustainability Award for Cozero The Berlin ClimateTech startup Cozero has won the German Sustainability Award 2022/23. The 15th edition of the award was presented on the evening of December 1 in Düsseldorf. Cozero has developed an innovative software solution that initiates and manages the ecological transformation in companies.

Helen Tacke (Gründerin Cozero) Preisträgerin des Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspreis; Prof. Michael Braungart, Ehrenpreisträger_credit_GesineHaag.jpg

Helen Tacke, founder and CEO of Cozero: "As a young and aspiring startup, we are extremely happy to have won the German Sustainability Award. Since the founding of Cozero in 2020, it has been our ambition to unite climate protection and entrepreneurial action. Today, just two years later, we are proud to provide a market-ready carbon management software that is used by medium-sized and large companies. It is deeply rooted in Cozero's DNA to drive the ecological transformation of our economy and society - we thank the jury of the German Sustainability Award for rewarding our aspiration."

Statement of the jury of the German Sustainability Award "What is remarkable is the high quality and transparency of the emission data, which can be managed in a simple and comprehensible way, thus facilitating decisions for the future. Alongside digitization, climate protection is one of the major transformation challenges of our time that all companies will have to face sooner or later. There is no question that this can only work in tune with economic success."

Cozero's track record since its foundation Cozero was founded in 2020 and now employs 30 people. More than 30 medium-sized and large companies as well as another 600 businesses already use Cozero’s software in their supply and value chains. Cozero is implemented in around 50 countries at 3,675 company accounting locations.

Companies already manage about 13 million tonnes of CO2 emissions on the Cozero platform, so-called Emissions under Management (EuM). With the help of the platform, companies shall be enabled to save at least 10% of this annually. The ambition is to reduce globally approx. 1.5 gigatonnes of CO2 by 2030.

Cozero won the 15th German Sustainability Award in the category "Design for Products, Systems and Services". Cradle-to-Cradle founder Prof. Michael Braungart was awarded the honorary prize in this category.