supply chain

Engage your suppliers and accelerate decarbonization

Scope 3 emissions can account for up to 90% of your total emissions. Request emissions data from your suppliers, allow them to calculate & share their PCF with Cozero and increase your decarbonization potential to stay ahead of the curve.
Increase the accuracy of your emissions data

Collect supplier data to increase the granularity and comparability of your Scope 3 emissions calculations, and get a holistic picture of your total carbon footprint.

Scale decarbonization opportunities

Incorporate product-level primary emissions data to enable informed purchasing decisions, that drive real climate impact.

Boost your competitive advantage

Increase your business performance, market position, and stakeholder trust by providing transparency into your supply chain emissions.

How it works

3 steps to supplier collaboration

Cozero allows you to engage with your suppliers, request product related emissions data, and exchange this data directly via the platform.

Identify key suppliers

Analyze hotspots
Prioritize suppliers to engage

Engage suppliers

Request supplier data
Suppliers calculate & share data
Integrate supplier data

Drive collective climate action

Gain insights
Define an action plan
Collaborate to reduce

Why Cozero?

Our offering is a fit for both you and your suppliers.
  • Data security

    Your supplier’s data is safe with us. They decide what they share with whom and on which level.

  • Compliance

    Your suppliers use the same Cozero accounting methodology as you do. GHG compliant and benchmark-ready.

  • PCF expertise

    Cozero allows you to account emissions on the product-level, which is the base for Scope 3 data exchange.

  • Automation

    We do the heavy-lifting to minimize the effort for you and your supplier.

  • Simplicity

    Your suppliers don’t need an in-house sustainability expert.

Take Action Now

Transparency on supply chain emissions data will become the license to operate in the future!

Use our supplier engagement program to future-proof your business.