03. Share - Stakeholder management tool

Drive change, together

Collective action lies at the heart of the transition to a low-carbon economy. Cozero helps you engage your stakeholders and share your transition story as a fundamental part of successful change management.

Flexible reporting

There is a substantial number of external reporting frameworks companies may need to answer to. Cozero supports businesses in answering to the most frequently used ESG-reporting standards, such as GRI, SASB, CDP, Ecovadis and others.


Stakeholder engagement

Enable your stakeholders to follow or contribute to your decarbonization journey. Cozero Share allows you to build highly customized reports and flexibly involve a wider community in your company's transformation - be it employees, clients, investors or the general public.

Education and enablement

Knowledge base

Building shared understanding is a key pillar to successful change management. With the Cozero Wiki, we provide a comprehensive knowledge-base to help your team learn about climate change and carbon management fundamentals.

Log your sources

01. Easily track your footprint