01. Log - carbon controlling module

Track your footprint with granular, high quality data

Identify your carbon hotspots with a digital map of your entire value chain and state-of-the-art carbon accounting principles. Our various granularity options for emission accounting enable you to set up your organizational structure just the way you need it.

Modular carbon accounting

Get actionable insights on the emissions of your entire value chain. Let the user-friendly interface and collaboration tools do the heavy-lifting for you. Our state-of-the-art datasets and GHG Protocol accounting principles to map the carbon intensity have you covered. And your Log score shows what data is missing still.


Carbon intelligence

Zoom in on those activities or products that generate most emissions and quickly understand what's causing them. Prioritize impactful action.


Accuracy tracking

Let our machine-learning powered analytics make monitoring the scope and accuracy of your emissions accounting data easier. This gives you transparency across the entire organization and points you towards the areas that need improvement.

Act on emissions

02. Decarbonize your company