Custom dashboards and reports

We released one of the core features of Cozero log, which is the possibility to create dashboards and customize them with the most important reports for each organization.

This allows us to make our platform customizable to each customer and thus helping us provide the most value with our product. Currently, these dashboards are built on request but soon we will add the possibility that customers are able themselves to create their own custom dashboards.

Emission categories organization according to GHG protocol

We made some important changes to increase the accuracy and completeness of the carbon accounting of our product. Our emission categories are now named according to follow the orientation of the GHG protocol, which will help our customers to make more sense of their data and make sure they are using international standards to measure their carbon footprint.

In concrete terms, this means that some emission categories were renamed and many new ones were added.

Notable changes:

  • The sub-categories of Taxi emissions, Train emissions, Rental car emissions and Flight emissions were merged into one emission category of Business Travel. The questions for these emission sources will still be separated, but will be accounted together as business travel emissions.
  • The sub-categories of Canteen and Copy paper now are "Purchased goods - office"
  • The question for "Energy carriers" was moved to "Facility fuel use"

Removal of third party tracking

To prove that we take data privacy seriously at Cozero, we decided to remove third-party tracking from out platforms. This means that we removed Google Analytics and other cookie-tracking tools from our website ( and dashboard (

We are now only tracking visits using in-house tools, which means that the customers' data never leaves Cozero's servers and is never shared with third-party companies.

Emission factors in questions

To improve the transparency of our product and calculations, we make now visible to our customers the emission factors used in each emission module. Customers are also able to customize these emission factors to their own needs and thus increasing the accuracy of their own emission logs.

Fixes and improvements

  • It is now only possible to select combinations of units and unit sources that make sense when filling a log (e.g. cancelling out combination of liters of wood pellets)
  • Fixed an issue that made it difficult to search locations and products
  • It is now possible to resend invitations to users of your organization
  • You can now add notes to emission logs