Calculations microservice and Postgres database

We greatly improved the speed of delivering reports in the dashboard by moving our calculations API to its own microservice. We also migrated the calculations from MongoDB to Postgres database since the latter allows for much faster queries and better integration with our Reports Engine Cubejs.

User role rights

To improve the experience of the user role, it is not possible for this role to edit locations and to edit custom factors for emission logs anymore.

Fixes and improvements

  • The file upload in emission logs was enhanced in its functionality
  • General improvements to the loading and display of boards and reports
  • Adjusting for issues to redirect users to the homepage if they were navigating too fast in the reports
  • Logs can now be ordered
  • It is now possible to search in the emission module list when creating an emission log
  • It is possible to display stacked bar charts
  • Bug fixing to allow proper navigate inside the business unit tree on the sidebar
  • Fixed an issue where the resend invite button was misalligned
  • The displayed scope of a log question now updates if the user has changed the scope of the answer while logging
  • Improvements of the user functions feature