This next update to Cozero marks the biggest change we have made so far to the platform, so you should find plenty of changes the next time you visit. Be sure to take a look at all the new features, and write us at if you experience any issues or if you have any feedback to give us.

Cozero SaaS

We have made our product ready to launch in the market, so you can now recommend Cozero to your partners and acquaintances since everyone will be able to sign up and use Cozero. Soon, every company will be able to start their sustainability transformation as much as yours already did.

Log overview - Redesign

We have made improvements to the Log overview page, so that you can more easily visualize and navigate through your emission logs. The biggest changes are:

You no longer have to select a location or a product prior to see a list of logs. You are now able to filter the logs based on location, product and other properties

Logs are split between Emission Logs (organization accounting) and Product Logs

You can add filters and sorting configurations to the logs table to see the exact picture of your logs that you are looking for. You can filter and sort by location, product, business unit, responsible, period and among others.

You are able to save the filter and sorting configuration into a "view". Each view is a saved configuration of the log view, and you can always go back to it so that you don't have to apply the same configuration of filters and sorting every time

For each log you are able to see the total amount of CO2e tonnes it is responsible for in the last column. Moreover, you can calculate the total sum of the logs you have in your current view. For that, simply press "Calculate sum" on the bottom of the table

Create a log - Redesign

After a lot of user feedback, we have improved the experience of creating an Emission log. We replaced the form format with a more composable approach, where it should be much easier to understand and add information to your emission logs

There is now a record of all changes made to each log, so you can audit any change made to the accounting of your logs. You can also comment and have conversations with your coworkers to keep track of updates and requests

Other improvements

  • We have made many improvements to the User Experience (UX) of the platform, and reorganized sections of Cozero for a better understanding of its use. The main sections of Cozero are Log, Act and Share, and besides this there are the Organization management section, and the Settings management section. Here's how they compare to each other
  • Log: Carbon accounting and controlling tool of environmental metrics
  • Act: Carbon action management and data-driven optimisation
  • Share: Create your sustainability profile to share with your stakeholders
  • Organization: Manage locations, business units, products and users of your organization
  • Settings: Configuration of the Cozero app for your organization
  • You are now able to customize your dashboard with the reports you prefer. Try to add and remove the reports that are the most interesting to you and personalize your homepage experience of Cozero.
  • It is now possible to select multiple locations in the dashboard instead of a single one. You'll be able to customize your dashboard using the combination of locations you prefer.
  • Our URL has changed from to . If you had bookmarked the previous URL, be sure to update it with our new one.