Changelog in notes

Changes to the log are now logged and available to the user in the notes. Every time a user changes a property of the log or adds/edits/deletes an answer, it will be logged for future consultation.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • It is now possible to recalculate values in the server instead of locally. This new setup is way less error-prone (e.g. causing 0-values in calculations) and less time-consuming.
  • Bug fixing that caused calculations with 0-values
  • Calculations now have factors that allows Cozero to make data analysis of the quality of calculations
  • We have moved Cozero Share logic to a share micro-service
  • Calculations are now deleted after a log is deleted, to circumvent inconsistency in values
  • Enhancement of adding a custom factor with a date range
  • Improved the loading of the forecasting graph
  • Improvements in a changing business unit in the sidebar, searching locations and in the process of email validation