Bug fixes and improvements

  • We now are able to display all Action Areas in the Act section of Cozero. Previously only a handful were shown, and now we have a page to browse through all Action Areas.
  • We now display "< 0.01" in the carbon calculations if a number is lower than that but higher than 0. Since we round calculations, this was leading to problems since we were displaying 0 for values such as 0.009292 and this has a very different meaning than 0
  • We made a substantial refactoring in our calculation logic and improved the communication between our software components. This was to fix a problem that was creating duplicated calculations.
  • We fixed a bug related with skipping a question twice. Now a question can no longer be skipped twice.
  • It is now possible to search solutions in the Act marketplace
  • We improved the formatting of text in reports
  • General improvements to the scenario builder feature were implemented
  • We worked on an issue with printing reports and the dashboard. Now all reports should be fully shown in pages and cause any misalingment with page breaks