Scenario Builder

With our new feature "Scenario Builder", users are now able to manipulate their log activity data to forecast the outcome of different scenarios for their future organization footprint.

As an example, users are able to model the impact on the emissions of their company if they would reduce their business travel expenses by 20%. They are able to see if this reduction of expenses has a significant impact on the carbon footprint of the company, and thus being able to better plan the future by considering different scenarios.

Based on these scenarios, Cozero can derive recommendations of the most effective carbon actions that can help a company to reduce the modeled scenario emissions.

Renaming of log components

Cozero effectuated a big change in the background, renaming a significant number of components that run our system. People at Cozero will benefit substantially from having a more GHG-protocol-aligned and understandable lexicon with which they can discuss our product.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • We improved the User Experience in the settings by making the tree structure of business units easier to navigate.
  • We improved the User Experience of navigating our platform by making the breadcrumbs of business units clickable.
  • We now disallow changing the category of a log since this leads to inconsistencies in calculations. The workflow now is to delete and create a new log if necessary.
  • While our system is calculating data, it will not display calculation values since these values would be incomplete. It will now show "Calculating..." instead until the calculations are done.
  • We worked on many improvements to our calculations service to ensure accurate reports.
  • We fixed a bug related to setting custom factors without an end date.
  • Enhancement of cases that showed a white screen when trying to create targets in the forecasting page or when trying to access the emission factors in the settings.
  • We improved the experience in updating the organization logo for some users.