What is log?

A log is an emission balance and calculation in the Cozero Platform for a specific emission categories or on an aggregated level, e.g. the emission calculation of travel emissions can be one log.

What is an emission category?

An emission category is an activity of the company (e.g. Travel, Hosting, Heating consumption, Power consumption) for which emissions can be calculated.

Emission categories can have several questions. If so, emissions from the different questions of an emission category will be aggregated in the Log overview. Logs are always based on a data input of an underlying business activity / process that can be provided through different means. After this input is provided the footprint is directly calculated through our emission calculation algorithms.

Emission categories are always associated to a specific emission scope as defined by the GHG protocol.

Non-exhaustive examples emission accounting categories are: electricity, energy carriers, vehicle fleet, heating, waste, hosting, commuting, materials, travel, recycling, refrigerants, train etc.

Emission factors

Emission factors (EFs) are conversion factors that translate a business activity or process data point into emission output data. Typically, EFs are specific footprints of products, semi-finished products, processes or bundles of processes / services. Cozero has an aggregated database of global emission factor datasets that power the platforms calculation algorithms and allow users to easily derive footprint insights based on their business activities.

How to customize emission factors?

The highest level of accuracy in your emission accounting is achieved if you have business- and/or supplier-specific EFs available. For that reason, Cozero allows users to edit & overwrite generic EFs to your custom datasets. Editing emission factors is limited to Managers and Admins.

Customizing your emission factors:

  • When adding a new log or editing a log, click on the setting icon in the questions on the right
  • Choose Customize Emission Factor and an extra window will open
  • Pick the relevant emission factors and overwrite it by clicking in the column Actions on Customize
  • Input the correct emission factor value and save it
  • Close the window and the customized emission factor is used for the calculations

How to create a log?

  • In the Log section of the Cozero Platform, click create a new Log
  • 4 initial steps: Choose an emission category choose a locations, choose a timeframe, leave a comment and create the Log
  • The Log question(s) open
  • Put in the data or use heuristic data
  • Click save and the accounting calculations are running

How to edit a log?

  • Click on a specific Log you want to edit
  • The Log opens and you are able to click "edit" in the top right
  • Edit the input fields of the Log and save

How to add a source / document for a log?

  • When adding a new log or editing a log, click on the setting icon in the questions on the right
  • Choose Manage Files and an extra window opens
  • Upload a document, invoice etc.
  • Close the window
  • The document is stored in the Cozero Cloud System

How to put in data? (decimals, ./, etc.)

  • The data for the log categories can be added by typing in specific numbers
  • Please note that decimals are very important and can make a difference in the calculations
  • By copying values from an excel, users needs to be careful by pasting numbers to avoid mistakes in the decimals
  • The Cozero platform by default runs in English, i.e. that decimal separators are a dot (.) opposed to German setting, where dots are thousand separators. Please beware that your browser settings have to be in line with the language settings