What is the carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint measures the GHG emissions from all the activities across an organisation or for a specific product or service. On Cozero, we calculate your carbon footprint from the activity data that you enter. When building a log, you first select an emission category.  

What are emission categories?

An emission category is an activity of the company (e.g. Travel, Hosting, Heating consumption, Power consumption) for which emissions can be calculated. Emission categories are always associated to a specific emission scope as defined by the GHG protocol.

Emission categories can have several questions. If so, emissions from the different questions of an emission category will be aggregated in the Log overview. Logs are always based on a data input of an underlying business activity / process that can be provided through different means. After this input is provided the footprint is directly calculated through our emission calculation algorithms.

Selecting emission categories for your organization

When using Cozero, we recommend that you select the categories that are relevant for your business. Below is general guidance on category applicability.

Please get in touch with our team if you require additional support in the calculation of emissions: support@cozero.io