What is a location?

Locations reflect physical or virtual facilities of your business within Cozero. Emission calculation is done at the location level. They allow you to associate emissions to a specific geo-located site or a virtual representation of a site. Examples of locations can include, but are not limited to: headquarters, production facilities, a repair shop, parts departments, purchasing offices, employment offices, warehouses, meeting places for directors, sales offices, permanent sample or display rooms, research facilities or a recreational facilities for use of employees or customers. In the Cozero Platform it is possible to create locations as part of business units.

How to create & edit locations?

  • Log-in to the Cozero Platform
  • Click on the right top of the page on your name
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Business Units
  • Select the business unit you want to create a location for
  • Click create Location
  • Define all relevant fields for that location
  • Click "Save" to create the location for the respective business unit
  • To edit the location: click on a location in the Log section or in the Settings / Business Unit section and click on "edit" the location

How to assign users to a location?

To make responsibilities clear in the carbon management process, you can assign users of your organization as being responsible for that particular location. You can simply assign users to locations by:

  • either when you create a location or when you edit a location, there is the option to define responsible users for that particular location
  • Beware: the responsible user first needs to be added in users

How and when to activate or inactive a business unit / location?

  • The status of a business unit or location can be changed in Settings, clicking on the respective Business Unit (Location) and switching the "active" button to inactive or not active. If the button is blue-coloured, the business unit or location is active.