Engaging your stakeholders and sharing your transition story is a fundamental part of successful change management. Cozero enables you to place the right information at the right time and the right spot.

Report on progress

Share with employees. Tell your team about your targets and progress. Encourage them to get involved. Your company will only succeed in reducing emissions if many teams chip in—from building operations to procurement to engineering. Give them the data so they can own the solution.

Share what you’ve learned with other companies.  There is a substantial number of external reporting frameworks, companies need to increasingly answer to. Cozero supports businesses in answering to most frequently used ESG-reporting standards, such as

  • TCFD. Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure. Standard for reporting your risk exposure to the impacts of climate change, carbon emissions, and plan for reducing emissions to investors. Fast becoming the de facto standard. The UK government will require TCFD reporting from large companies beginning in 2025.
  • CDP. Clearinghouse for carbon disclosures from thousands of companies.
  • SASB. A set of industry-specific standards for disclosing your sustainability impact to investors. These standards are broader than climate, covering topics from water to diversity. The core concept is “materiality”—what issues matter for your business?
  • GRI. More than a dozen standards for disclosure on environmental, economic, and social issues. GRI 305 sets standards for reporting carbon emissions, based on the GHG Protocol guidelines. Particularly common for European companies.

Cozero reports

Cozero produce reports that are tailored to a users needs.