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Introducing Cozero Act

Cozero Act supports company transformation to a net zero economy through development and management of bespoke carbon management action plans, as well as transparently tracking progress against these.

Identify, evaluate and implement carbon actions

Delivering carbon reductions depends on the nature, size and complexity of a company's value chain, and there is an ever growing landscape of solutions and providers.

Cozero Act compiles the high impact Carbon Actions and evaluates the impact of these, which allows you to evaluate which carbon actions to take. These cover the breadth of  a company’s full value chain, from quick-fix solutions to emerging technological innovations that drive transformation. There is also the option to add your own carbon actions.

Drawing upon analysis of carbon reporting, Cozero Act sets out the solutions that are tailored to your company's industry, carbon footprint and level of ambition.

The Solution marketplace

The Cozero Act marketplace enables comparison and quantification of carbon action suppliers and empowers you to make sustainable procurement decisions and delivery of carbon action plans. The Cozero Act marketplace collates information from leading carbon action suppliers on the market. Cozero carries out a process of supplier assessment and onboarding to ensure that the marketplace compiles only high quality solutions to the users. The marketplace supports a company's procurement decision making by allowing users to understand suppliers of carbon action solutions, compare options, and view offers from these suppliers.