Cozero Story: LeanIX
DIY Carbon Footprint Reporting is Harder Than We Thought


newly identified emission categories


Log categories accounted for in 2021


LeanIX faced the challenge that manually entering emissions into the company's own dashboard exceeded its time resources and internal capacity. Especially when LeanIX wanted to expand its own carbon accounting from business travels to other emission categories. With Cozero, LeanIX was able to drive its emissions accounting through the automated approach Cozero takes. In addition, LeanIX identified emissions areas that were previously unknown, enabling the company to manage carbon more holistically.



  • Understanding our entire footprint

    Cozero helped us create a more complete footprint by discovering many emission categories we didn’t know about.

  • Data granularity to suit our needs

    We can choose the level of granularity that suits our needs when entering data. Heuristics and approximations make it easy to get an initial picture.

  • Making the changes manageable

    Onboarding helped us break down this massive challenge into manageable, small steps.


Christoph Walpert, Product Manager at LeanIX, says: “Our GreenIX journey started with a simple goal: To be more transparent about LeanIX’s business travels and our carbon footprint. We initially did so by manually feeding every kilogram of emitted carbon into a dashboard and sharing the results within the company to improve our behavior via real-time data. While the dashboard was a success, we identified shortcomings in our process that needed improvement:

  • Maintaining the dashboard was highly dependent on the technical members of our team.

  • Making additions or changes to the dashboard resulted in a development effort for one of our engineers.

  • The dashboard was not set up to support the high ambitions we had for the future of GreenIX."

Cozero helped us professionalize our carbon emission tracking. Now we are confident to take data backed decisions on how to reduce our footprint.

LeanIX currently focuses on the use of Cozero Log, the emission controlling tool, which calculates and analyzes LeanIX‘s footprint fully digital and near-time, and forecasts future sustainability paths based on data heuristics.

André ChristLeanIX CEO and Co-founder

How Cozero helped LeanIX to advance in carbon management

During the LeanIX onboarding process to the Cozero platform, the team responsible for carbon management made use of the Cozero Log emissions, which helped to brainstorm and uncover all relevant carbon emissions emitters at LeanIX that contribute to our corporate carbon footprint.

The way in which the Cozero App is structured supports LeanIX to focus on different areas of the footprint step by step. Christoph Walpert says: “First, we identified the responsible teams and persons within the company who could provide us with the necessary data to feed into the Cozero platform. In a second step, we developed processes for streamlining data collection and collaboration among the different teams.”

Up until today, LeanIX entered activity data for travel, commuting, hosting, energy, and heating into Cozero Log. With this information LeanIX is able to account for their footprint in 2021, which is a huge success and at the same time provides the baseline for the identification of areas for improvement. Christoph Walpert already mentioned: “In particular, we can already see that cloud hosting and employee commuting are two major contributing factors to LeanIX’s CO2 footprint.”

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