Tracking your footprint has never been easier

Cozero digitally maps your entire value chain to allow for an easy but comprehensive carbon accounting and controlling. Since you cannot manage what you do not measure, every transition starts by analyzing the current environmental impact.

Comprehensive emission factor database

Our software compiles emission factors to convert business activities into environmental insight from all over the world and integrates them into one platform. Since emission activities vary by location and time, we make sure of a dynamic and most-accurate backbone of your emission accounting. Additionally, your custom and supplier-specific emission factors can be integrated.

Modular, full GHG accounting

Cozero lets your account emissions in a modular way. Our system maps your business activities in an automated way, following the established GHG Protocol for emission accounting and reporting. Starting from the very essentials up a full-coverage of the value chain - take control of your emission management.

Accuracy tracking

Transparency is a key pillar of accounting and management. We spot through our AI-powered analytics the scope and accuracy of your emission accounting across the entire organisation and point towards ways to improve.

Set up your Carbon Action Platform

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