Cozero makes energy supplier LichtBlick climate-transparent

LichtBlick, the leading provider of climate-neutral energy, today presented its carbon footprint for the entire energy supply chain. LichtBlick uses the digital platform of the Berlin-based startup Cozero to constantly record, forecast and identify reduction opportunities for CO2 emissions.
Cozero, founded in Berlin in 2020, has developed an innovative CO2 management software that enables companies to achieve data-driven accounting and reduction of CO2 emissions.
"LichtBlick, with its ambitious goal to become a climate-neutral company, quickly understood the possibilities offered by Cozero's software solution. This includes, in particular, the balancing of Scope 3 emissions along the entire value chain, which was a key factor in the company's growth and innovation planning," says Helen Tacke, founder and CEO of Cozero.
Dr. Corine Veithen, climate protection expert at LichtBlick: "Cozero's platform enables us to determine much more than just LichtBlick's carbon footprint. Digital data provided by Cozero allow us to dynamically manage our CO2 emissions with granular key performance indicators. We now can define precise measures and targets that further implement LichtBlick's ecological transformation."