Cozero is subsidized up to 60% by the state

The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action grants a subsidy of up to 60% for the use of the software from the Berlin-based climate tech startup Cozero. The Cozero application enables companies to balance and reduce their CO2 emissions, thus driving the ecological transformation of the German economy.

Picture_1_15a0cfac71.jpegHelen Tacke, founder of Cozero
Helen Tacke, founder and CEO of Cozero: "Cozero combines the two most important socio-political goals: Ecology and digitalization. We are extremely pleased that the German government supports the use of our software, which paves the way to a climate neutral economy."
The state subsidy can be applied for and reviewed as an investment project of the "Federal Funding for Energy and Resource Efficiency in the Economy" at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa). The aim of the subsidy is a so-called transformation concept, which provides for a long-term strategy to achieve climate neutrality. The concept seeks to collect data and prepare a greenhouse gas balance, formulate a CO₂ reduction target, and plan measures to achieve this target.
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