Online Marketing Rockstars manages CO₂ with Cozero

At this year's Online Marketing Rockstars festival (OMR22) on May 17 and 18 in Hamburg, organizers used the software from Berlin-based startup Cozero for their CO₂ management and accounting.

LI CozeroOMR.png

The recently held festival is at the center of all OMR's activities, and with more than 70,000 visitors has a relevant impact on the company's emissions balance. Important factors, among others, are technical equipment used, waste, and travel to and from the festival.

Helen Tacke, founder and CEO of Cozero: "OMR took on the issue of sustainability early on, convinced that it required a proper and honest approach. This is now paying off: this year's festival gave us deep and precise insights, which we can now analyze and use in our future reduction strategy. Beyond the festival, OMR is a large platform with many business activities and its own partners to consider. This means that, fortunately, many other groups will benefit from our sustainability efforts."

Dominique Breuer, Sustainability Manager at OMR - ramp106 GmbH: "We don't just want to understand what OMR's carbon footprint is. We want to work specifically on reducing our emissions significantly. This year we laid the foundation by creating as much transparency as possible."

About Cozero Cozero enables companies to effectively decarbonize and sustainably transform their business. At its core is a AI software solution that digitally records, balances, and analyzes the carbon footprint of the entire value chain. Based on an impact analysis and investment calculation of the emissions data, measures for CO₂ reduction can be initiated with the involvement of all stakeholders. Cozero was founded in Berlin in 2020. Already, its software is being used by a large number of companies. For more information see: