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The media industry is one of the sectors that excelled in digitizing its structures at an early stage. This basis predestines many companies to quickly catch up with the topic of sustainability. Next to climate protection reasons, the industry is currently pushing the issue to the forefront due to rising prices.
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Cozero for the Print & Digital Media industry

We provide companies in the Print & Digital Media industry with a single source of truth for climate management. From accounting, over managing to reporting GHG emissions, the Cozero platform covers all relevant emission categories (Scope 1-3), provides specific climate actions and takes mandatory and voluntary reporting industry standards into account.

Covering the supply chain through an excellent database

With around 70% of the emissions stemming from so-called Scope 3 emissions, the Print & Digital Media industry is more complex than other industries as it shows a high dependency on suppliers. Thus, obtaining a comprehensive CO₂ footprint is very challenging because a large number of third parties are involved in the process. In order to get a comprehensive and clear picture of the Corporate Carbon Footprint, companies need to include data from their suppliers in the climate management.

Account, manage and report for Scope 3 emissions in a granular way. Our platform covers emission-intense up- and downstream value chain categories, that make up a significant part of your company‘s emissions:

  • Production goods & materials (e.g. paper, color)
  • Purchased services (e.g. cloud emissions from servers)
  • Logistics of sold products (e.g. delivery of newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Operational waste (e.g. from print production)
  • Operational water management (e.g. from print production)

Next to covering all relevant emission categories in the platform, you also have access to an extensive database for recording Scope 3 emissions.

Requesting service provider-specific emission factors and exchanging data

User-defined emission factors in the platform enable accurate data collection from your suppliers and service providers (e.g. paper manufacturers, logistics providers, printers, etc.). The ability to request supplier data directly from the platform facilitates their integration and allows you to more quickly and easily include these emissions in your CO₂ footprint.

Mirroring complex organizational structures & management of a decentralized setup

Organizations in the Print & Digital Media industry are characterized by complex organizational structures. For climate management this means that one can think in locations, business units, departments or products, which asks for different ways of organizing data collection and visualizing results.

With our Climate Action platform you are able to configure a digital twin of your organizational structure, no matter how complex it is. Mirroring the organizational structure the way your business is organized makes it easier to assign responsibilities for data collection and emissions management. Analyses can be run on different levels (e.g. locations, products, business areas, suppliers, customers) which makes the interpretation of your data more actionable.

Integrating PCFs into the CCF

Creating PCFs allows to continuously compare the environmental performance of different products and product lines, which is of great importance for organizations which are product-heavy, such as publishing houses and media productions. The comparison between print vs digital products can grant valuable insights on attractive business opportunities and allows for a focused product portfolio development.

With the Cozero platform companies can easily integrate their PCFs with their CCF as in a product-heavy organization, a CCF would be roughly equal to the PCF of all products multiplied by sales volumes. The PCF is the most important carbon metric when evaluating product emissions. It allows companies in the Print & Digital Media industry to meet their clients needs by providing detailed carbon information on the products they sell.

Tracking data quality and completeness with the Log Score

The high complexity of organizations in the Print & Digital Media industry requires accurate data collection to get a comprehensive picture of a company‘s emission profile.

With the help of the Cozero Log Score, companies can easily see how complete and high quality their emissions collection data is. This makes it possible to quickly determine which activities still require data input.

The action potential & reduction leverages in the Print & Digital Media industry

For companies in the Print & Digital Media industry, significant emission reductions can be achieved by choosing production materials with a reduced climate impact.

First impulses for decarbonization measures:

  • Production materials with a reduced climate impact: How to reach it? Switching to a paper supplier offering recycled paper products or encouraging your own supplier to do so.
  • Reduce emissions from logistics operations: In-house operation: Improving operational efficiency through route optimization.
  • Switch to electric transport. Electric trucks, for example, are likely to become cost-competitive with diesel or gasoline vehicles during the 2020s: Third party service: Look for providers with green logistics offers like an electrified vehicle fleet, using Biofuels, etc..

Economic efficiency in climate management

In order to maximize the environmental impact while optimizing costs, Cozero integrated the ROCI (Return on Climate Investment) method, which compares the potential of different climate actions, while taking into account the investment required.

Based on the emission drivers identified in Cozero Log, Cozero Act provides automated recommendations for reduction measures for different parts of the organizational structure such as on a location, business unit or specific Scope 3 category level. This allows teams with little time-invest to efficiently create individual decarbonization strategies compliant with set company targets.

Preparing for mandatory and voluntary reporting regulations and certification

Pressure to implement a holistic carbon management in your own company arises from different stakeholders such as governments, clients, suppliers and investors. Not to be neglected is the early preparation for reporting obligations and compliance with climate and environmental protection measures if subsidies (in the film sector) are to be requested. The Cozero platform and our team help you prepare your business for long-term success through early strategic alignment.

More detailed information on EU climate action & reporting requirements, standards and incentives can be found in our industry specific guide for the Print & Digital Media industry.

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