Enterprise-Ready, Secure and Trusted SaaS Solution

Trust is the foundation of every successful partnership. That's why we offer each of our customers a reliable and secure SaaS offering. And because we believe that trust also requires transparency, this section will give you an insight into how we protect your data and ensure compliance and system availability.

The digital twin of your organization

Our platform allows you to map your organization on any level to manage your footprint on an adequate level. Locations, business units & products or entire portfolios - Cozero builds out your reality in a digital format.

Transformation requires collaboration of the company and beyond

Carbon management is a team play - our software is designed in a way to work collaboratively across your whole organization and beyond - integrating your suppliers and partners is easily possible by assigning them on the platform. Smart notification management will keep everyone in the loop.

Bring data effortlessly into Cozero based on standard & custom data integrations

One of the biggest challenges of carbon accounting and management is to initially fill the platform with meaningful data across all emission scopes and keep it up to date via automated means. Our open, restful API and integrations ensure exactly that for you with the lowest necessary effort.

AI-powered insight for your carbon management

Our smart algorithms generate tremendous analytics capabilities that help you to navigate and manage your low emission transition. Our log and external datasets facilitate insight on
Our system dissects your log data on multiple dimensions, analyzing for emission and activity data, detecting anomalies & optimization potential across all levels of the organization.
See how your emissions will develop over the next few years and how they align with your reduction targets. Our system allows you to plan ahead precisely.
Impact KPIs
Cozero delivers analyses on a multitude of environmental metrics that go beyond carbon and relates them to established business and finance KPIs.


Cozero is built for scale and ready for any enterprise use case with its rights management system. We allow customers to manage users from a single, central directory or any 3rd party SSO Identity Provider.
Application Performance
Using solutions like Sentry and Prometheus, we constantly monitor Cozero's performance to stay aware of issues.
Scalable Hosting
Hosting via Amazon AWS allows Cozero to be reached worldwide and guarantees maximum availability - our servers in use are located in Frankfurt, Germany.
Tech stack, availability and response time
Cozero is built on the latest tech stack and is happy to share it. Learn more at Our 24/7 on-call support is always available to troubleshoot critical issues and ensure a quick resolution.

Security & Compliance

Our trusted SaaS solution is based on most up-to-date security standards
Data Security & Encryption
Data is encrypted in transit using TLS 1.3 protocol with strong encryption & our database is secured with most up to date technologies such as IP filters and SSH key-based authentication.
Secure Hosting
Our data center partner Amazon AWS complies with the highest standards - ISO, SOC etc. certified.
Regular Penetration Testing
External expert penetration tests are performed on a regular basis. Internal penetration tests & vulnerability assessment scans performed by dedicated in-house security team
Robust Access Control
Only authenticated users are able to see clients' data. Passwords are hashed using a strong bcrypt algorithm. Strong password configurations are enforced in line with global best practices.

Set up your Carbon Action Platform

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