There is only ONE optimum to achieve net-zero

Strategizing and optimizing your footprint towards net-zero is a complex management task. Cozero helps you build the ideal action portfolio to decarbonize your company through impact and financial assessment based on our ROCI, the Return on Carbon Investment.

Strategy & scenario builder

Building out alternative compositions of your company and developing decarbonization scenarios is the foundation for the right strategy and target definition. See for every action how it contributes to your net-zero path.

Recommendation engine

Based on our AI-powered data insight, the platform can recommend carbon actions with the highest impact at the lowest cost - for moving fast and cost-efficient on your decarbonization path.


Browse possible solutions for implementing carbon actions on our Carbon Action Marketplace. Cozero assembles international providers for low emission products, services and technologies as well as high quality offset providers.

Set up your Carbon Action Platform

Get a demo now and take a tour of how our tool brings your carbon management to the next level.