Cozero - START

GHG benchmarking tool - free and secure for your company

Compare your sustainability performance based on emissions intensities with your industry peers

How Cozero START works?

It all starts with transparency about the status quo of your company's sustainability - Cozero START allows you to easily and securely calculate your company's emissions and compare them to industry benchmarks.
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Data Security
No sharing, no publishing, no storage of sensitive data - SINE technology makes it possible.
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With your company's consumption data, easily and quickly get an overview of your Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.
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SINE Foundation - Providing secure, open-source technology for data sharing & collaboration

Technologies such as Secure Multi Party Computing (SMPC) today enable secure sharing and analysis of data without ever having to disclose it.
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SINE Benchmarking
With SINE Benchmarking, organizations can securely benchmark encrypted data against others while maintaining full control of their data at all times.
About SINE
The SINE Foundation is a non-profit organization that develops and provides technologies for organizing and optimizing digital collaboration among companies to enable a new way of doing business: decentralized, collaborative and sustainable.
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Emission management is a teamplay!

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Helen Tacke
CEO Cozero
"We are firmly convinced that the sustainable transformation of companies requires the thematic anchoring of climate performance in top management. This can only be achieved by bringing together sustainability and financial reporting in a data-driven way. It is also a challenge along the entire value chain - thus, emissions management is a team play."
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Aurel Stenzel
Board SINE Foundation
"At the SINE Foundation, we believe that secure data collaboration empowers organizations to realize significant efficiencies that also benefit society. The launch of START is a great first example of this. We are very proud to partner with Cozero to launch a movement for new business: decentralized, collaborative, and sustainable."

Join the Webinar (in German) next week on 'Transparenz schaffen mit START, der CO2-Benchmarking-Lösung' - Thursday, March 25th, 9am