About Us

Cozero was founded with the objective to enable companies to effectively decarbonize and transform their business in light of financial implications. We do so by delivering software that tracks & analyses business activity impacts and recommends the best solutions towards net-zero emissions.

Our Vision

We believe that reducing the environmental impact of businesses can not only be a feasible but great experience. We believe that sustainable practices can be very much in line with a positive impact on the entire business. And we do believe in the potential of a well-managed decarbonization transformation of companies.


We are hiring!

Join Cozero and have a direct impact on the fight against climate change. Our goal is to help companies around the world to lower their carbon emissions and make their activities more sustainable. If the challenge between joining a startup and fighting climate change appeals to you, please reach out to us.

"We strongly believe in a low emission economy."

Helen Tacke, CEO

We are the founder team.

helen tacke cozero
Helen Tacke
fabian schwarzer cozero
Fabian Schwarzer
tiago taveira cozero
Tiago Taveira

Cozero Advisor Circle

Torben Schreiter
Andreas Rickert
Gesine Haag
Matthias Engel
Georg Tacke
Andreas Fischler
Franziska Schütze
Tell Muenzing
André Christ
Thomas Gnefkow
Thomas Thomas
Torben Schreiter

Torben Schreiter

Torben has co-founded, bootstrapped, and run Signavio operations, a company for Business Process Management software, which was sold to SAP in 2021. In the last couple of years, Torben shifted dedication, time & investment into the ClimateTech sector, where he supports startups in the scale-up process in order to fast-track their impact.