Work with a purpose

Join the Cozero team and have a direct impact on
 the fight against climate change.

We strongly believe in delivering value through diversity - regardless of nationality, culture, or personal characteristics. The glue that binds us together despite our differences is a common set of values that guide us through daily challenges. We encourage each other in a dynamic, collaborative, and feedback-driven culture that has a growth mindset at its heart.

Live by radical candor

Radical candor is the ability to challenge directly and, at the same time, show that you care personally. This creates a culture where feedback is common, clear and kind.

Lead with ownership

We empower every member to participate in Cozero’s success by leading initiatives and driving results for the company.

Bias for action

In a startup environment, moving fast and pushing the organization forward is key to our joint success. Instead of analysis paralysis, you showcase bias for action. You are eager to set things in motion and move forward swiftly.

Be frugal but relentlessely resourceful

Our entire purpose is driven by being less wasteful with global resources. This is also reflected in our daily work - we are a lean, yet limitlessly resourceful team.

Dare to make an impact

We’re passionate about making a difference and are not afraid to take risks in order to leave a dent in the universe. That is what drives our daily work, performance and creativity, and fires up people around us.

Set intention, foster clarity

For every initiative and task, we keep in mind what we intend to accomplish through our actions. When you set clear intentions, your focus is always on who you are, what you do, and why you do it!

Collaborate for inclusion

We collaborate on the basis of skills and experience, regardless of personality, gender, ethnicity, or cultural background. Generally, we excel at building internal and external networks of people and systems that drive the value of the company.

Earn and give trust

We’re able to work autonomously and deeply care for each other's and Cozero's growth, so that micromanagement is not existent nor necessary. We can show vulnerability around each other so that we can have open and productive discussions.

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