The road to embedding sustainability in businesses is paved with knowledge.

In the past few years, knowledge sharing has moved to the center of global sustainable development. There is a common idea that creating knowledge networks made of various stakeholders is a facilitator of sustainable development implementation. The United Nations has recognized the essential role of knowledge in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: different sectors and actors should work together in an integrated manner by pooling resources and expertise.

Knowledge has the potential to raise awareness within public and private organizations about sustainability topics. More than that, knowledge is a driver for actions taken towards climate change. Meeting sustainability goals is complex, especially now looking at the increasing urgency of the climate crisis. The intricacy of the relationships between environmental, social and economic pillars is too challenging for organizations to solve it on their own. Without substantial information on issues such as corporate sustainability management and carbon footprint assessment, it becomes very challenging for managers to bring people together and lead efficient decision making to decrease a company's environmental impact.

SDG 17 “Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development” recognizes multi-stakeholder partnerships as a paramount driver for mobilizing and sharing knowledge, expertise, technologies and financial resources to support the achievement of sustainable transition. This goal seeks to encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships and collaborations.

Indeed, a successful sustainable transition requires closer collaboration between businesses with other stakeholders (e.g. governments, citizens, NGOs, etc) and a more intensive utilization of information technologies. That is the vision we have at Cozero as well: sharing knowledge about carbon management to spread awareness and foster actions. No one should be left behind.

Playing our part through knowledge sharing: the Cozero Academy

Spreading awareness about sustainability and fostering actions to reduce carbon emissions is what we all strive for. It’s a common goal and we need to work together to achieve it.

We started Cozero with the aim of building a tool for companies to optimize their corporate carbon management, to facilitate carbon accounting and decision making on areas of emissions reduction. Being on the market for some time now, we are realizing how important knowledge is: knowledge for using software but also knowledge about carbon management.

Companies need to act fast and efficiently. And sometimes, without the right skills and tools, it can be challenging. Managers and employees can feel overwhelmed and excluded which can lead to a lack of motivation, or even worth an interruption of the sustainable transformation. That is what we should avoid at all costs. Sustainability is not a competition but rather a journey in which it is better to be together than alone. For this reason, we believe that sharing knowledge is paramount to include and support all organizations that wish to kickstart their transition. This is where the Cozero Academy enters.

The Cozero Academy is an initiative created to answer these needs: support and bring businesses together towards one goal - carbon neutrality. Indeed, digital tools cannot solve all the issues encountered by companies when entering their transformation: they need to understand the concepts behind carbon quantification and carbon management, set up processes and framework to collect high quality data, match with reporting requirements and so on. This cannot happen without specific knowledge.

Therefore, we decided to compile the expertise acquired since the creation of Cozero into classes to be shared with everyone. With the Cozero Academy, anyone keen to learn about carbon accounting and carbon management will be able, in a short amount of time, to build a strong knowledge base that will be practical and valuable to kick off the sustainable journey of their business.

Our first class will be soon launched online, so stay tuned!

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