AI & Sustainability

AI-powered carbon management platform

Making emission management faster, quicker, and simpler

AI-powered carbon management

As businesses navigate the complexities of emission reporting, AI-powered carbon management platforms are a catalyst for change. Yet, only a few emissions management solutions embed advanced AI capabilities today.
At Cozero, our 15-person product and data team develops features that integrate AI and data science to streamline emission management and empower sustainability stakeholders with powerful auto-generated insights.


AI-driven sustainability

Accelerating emission data collection

AI-based extraction techniques decrease the time spent on data collection processes by 30-40%. 

With AI, we not only improve data accuracy by identifying and eliminating duplicates or incomplete data but give users new collection possibilities.

Real-time risk assessment & emission insights  

In a landscape with ever-growing reporting rates globally, the demand for streamlined compliance tools and data insights is paramount. 

Our platform provides users with auto-generated, real-time insights that transform raw data into actionable intelligence, helping enterprises report more effectively and reduce compliance costs.

Automated AI audit for intelligent decarbonization

AI could “help reduce GHG emissions to 5% to 10% of an organization’s carbon footprint".

Our work to automate carbon audits with AI will help users save time and identify reduction levers faster to achieve net zero in months rather than years. 

Predictive AI for enhanced forecasting 

AI forecasting allows for better decisions, with up to 20% less errors in specific sectors.

We are building new prediction algorithms to dynamically forecast carbon footprints and allow enterprises to set realistic climate targets.

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